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Snowed In

We didn’t have any “snow days” because of Snowpocalypse 2014 — one of the perks of homeschooling. But we did slow down just a bit. There’s something about being snowed in, being forced by nature to BE STILL. My girl and I, we needed this time, the private space to be together with no interruptions from the outside world. We put the kettle on for tea and we snuggled on the couch with our history book and Robin Hood’s adventures, and we sat and read. And relaxed. And took care of each other. My girl, she’s such a great comfort and comforter — and I know in our closeness and quietness we were held by the Great Comforter. I’ve had a rough few weeks, which means the Bear has had a rough few weeks, too. So these last couple of days, I’ve set everything else aside to just be still and be with my girl. I have things to write down, so she’ll know someday how much she’s helped me through this time. But the words will have to wait just a little longer…we have some hot cinnamon tea to sip and a merry adventure in Sherwood Forest to continue.