My Schedule

I live with a child who thrives on routine and exact details, and honestly, that’s the way I operate best, too. I like having a place for everything and having everything in its place. This life I’m in right now is still overwhelming and trying to figure out how to be here without my husband is hard; I feel out of place. I have so many thoughts and stories and feelings and sometimes when I’m too full, I have to stop writing and just be…still, alone, quiet.

I’m learning that grief ebbs and flows and sometimes the memories flood me and the words flow freely, and sometimes I need to sit with the thoughts for a while, and let them swirl about, before I try to pluck them from the air and fit them on the page. To give myself that time, and relieve myself of some self-imposed pressure I feel to get everything written down right this instant, I’m pulling myself in and forcing myself to be still and wait. The right stories for my daughter will come at the right time.

I plan to share a story each Thursday (formerly Tuesday), so we’ll see how that goes…

One response to “My Schedule

  1. Grief does ebb and flow, drains and fills. Sharing each Tuesday is a wonderful idea and a peg for your stories—which will come as they please. I look forward to following your blog and journey.

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