Her Favorite Thanksgiving

I’m letting Beary take over today, because she’s been talking a lot about Daddy and her memories and writing in the journal she’s keeping for our writing unit. Honestly, I was not prepared for how hard this holiday grief would hit. I thought I could power through, but I can’t and I didn’t make French silk pie or watch our movie; it hurts to even think about doing those things without Kev. I’m feeling sad and empty and bereft and hopeless. But then she brings me her journal and this entry triggers my memory and then a cascade of happy memories tumble rapidly, flowing over the jagged rocks of grief and I just hang on to the hope I’ve found…to the joy of knowing my girl remembers her Daddy.

In her words:

My favorite Thanksgiving memory with Daddy is watching the Hello Kitty float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade on television when I was almost four. It was on in the morning and we were dressed already in our Cowboys sweatshirts. I sat on Daddy’s lap. We had to watch the whole very long parade because the Hello Kitty float was at the very end! I was very impatient about the Hello Kitty float. Daddy would say, “It’s okay, Beary. It’s coming.” When it finally came, he had to rewind the TiVo over and over so I could watch it again! Then we had Thanksgiving lunch.


One response to “Her Favorite Thanksgiving

  1. I pray you will feel the Lord’s peace today.

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